If you love food, cooking or eating, you’ll feel at home here.

On this blog I share my love for food and creating delicious and nutritious recipes, wellness posts and inspiration. I love connecting with people and promoting a positive outlook on life and eating well. I would love to motivate and inspire you to be a happier and healthier version of yourself.

I constantly hear and see people comment on how difficult and unsustainable it is for them to live a healthy, strong and positive life. I enjoy making quick recipes filled with goodness, and at the weekends create more elaborate meals for friends, family and myself to relish. I have helped people in my circle to have a different view on nutrition and overall health as I believe nutrition and mental well-being are just as important as physical health.

This began when at a younger age I suffered from social perceptions on what ‘health’ truly was. Realising what this was doing to me mentally and physically I from then on fought to understand nutrition and to eat to fuel my needs. My love for quality foods and cooking comes from an early age when my mother would feed me delicious and healthy foods. I know there are now many people suffering from this and I love helping see things differently.

I basically do CrossFit, drink coffee, cook and eat. If you want to enjoy delicious, healthy recipes, have a more positive life and get tips and inspiration make sure to follow me along and contact me on the following links;

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Molly M Barlow